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Mar 4, 2013 9:00pm PST
prison and later calls police to tell them he had killed again. dennis of vallejo one of dozens of california inmates released from death row in the year after 1972 supreme court decision over turning the death penalty. tonight seenment 7 report abc 7 news laura anthony looks into how many other killers have killed again. >> he was known as the linoleum um knife rapist. >>reporter: convicted double murderer serial rapist one of former death row inmate later set free. in 1966 he was sentenced to death for the brutal kidnap rape and murder of 215-year-old pinole girls. if the family members are still haunted by the crime. >> he had them stripped and kerry ran and he yelled at her if you don't come back i'm going to kill your friend. she came back and he shot her in the head. >>reporter: he was on death row for seven years at san quentin then everything change changed. >> first step was when california supreme court and u.s. supreme court determined that the death penalty was unconstitutional. >>reporter: that meant by the mid 1970's 174 death row inmates had the sentences r
Mar 19, 2013 9:00pm PDT
ishimaru, "abc 7 news". >> dan: san francisco city attorney dennis herrara is stepping up a campaign against energy drinks. he is urging the fda to protect children from the dangers of those highly caffeinated drinks. deaths of 18 people are linked to the consumption of drinks made by monster and five hour energy and perhaps because of all the pressure, monster energy is making a change to its drinks now after a decade of selling it as dietary supplement, monster will be marketed as a beverage. that means it no longer will have to tell federal regulators about reports potentially link to go products deaths and injuries. on the subject of caffeine, researchers say a cup of greek coffee may be why the inhabitants a greek island live into their 90s. one of highest longevity rates anywhere. 87% drink boiled greek coffee every day and apparently approves the cells and blood vessels. boiled greek coffee is high in antioxidants but moderate amount of caffeine. that is helping them live longer. coming up next. just in time for independence just[ teen ] times are good,e aren't they, kids? it'
Mar 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
attack. never done that before. >> young north korean dictator despite the difficult veshtion of dennis rodman visit now lashing out against the u.s. and south korea military exercise and the stiff un sanction. analyst say north korea still years away from perfecting nuclear weapon but getting closer all the time. >> threat of preemptive strike on the united states even if that's not possible now is terrifying. >> you have to take this seriously. >>reporter: north korea doesn't yet have a missile capable of hitting the continental u.s. but america has satellite in space radar at sea and on the ground designed to detect a missile launch then dozens of intercepting missiles could be fired from california or alaska to take out enemy vivls even nuclear ones before they reach america. but the system is far from foolproof. however the most immediate contract threat tonight from north korea is far more conventional. they could fire on south korea. america ally like they have con before. >> this is how wars start. threats become maneuvers. become exchanges. met with retaliation. pretty s
Mar 11, 2013 9:00pm PDT
homicide charges tonight after a triple fatal crash in daly city. 20-year-old dennis moss booked into the san mateo county jill. police say he was fleeing from the scene after he hit a car. when his car side swiped another vehicle. killing this young man. 14-year-old jose and his brother and their mother all killed. there is a growing street side tribute at the site of saturday accident on 100 block of east moore avenue not far from the exit on highway 280. and friends tonight remembering him as motivated teen. >> really good talker. and he was really smavrment had he honor roll class and he tried his best because he wants to good to college. >> the girlfriend was injured in the crash. she's recovering tonight in the hospital. >> the new police expert appointed to oversee court ordered reform in oakland started on the job today and his arrival is being met with cautious optimism by those hoping it will put an end to the bad blood between oakland police and much of the community it serves. nick smith has the story. >> not face with the kids. >> the guys in the barber shop di
Mar 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
at the time of the crash. that's more than twice the legal little. 28-year-old dennis smith appeared in court today. he's charged with vehicular manslaughter for side swiping a car and killing 3 members of daly city family. he had previous domestic violence and dui charges in santa clara county. >>> chase bank web site back up after hackers shut it down today. maybe if you bank with them you experienced this. customers were greeted with this message. chase says the mobile banking applications were not affected nor was customer information compromised. they didn't get numbers or anything leak that in other words. same hacking group targeted bank of america, city bank and capitol 1 and just today the u.s. director of national intelligence and cia director said cyberattacks are growing and bigger threaten al qaeda to the country. >>> just when san jose finally has its budget in order a state agency may throw out the public employee pension reform that many credit for the city balance budget. even though voters overwhelmingly approved measure b last june, abc 7 news reporter david
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5